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We are pleased to have been chosen by you as the Driving School to train and support you, providing you with the knowledge and skills to successfully pass you Theory and Practical Driving Test.

J10 Driving School asks that you take the time to read and understand this Cancellation Policy. Should you be unsure about any aspect of it, please speak to your instructor for clarification before signing & handing it back to them.

Whilst the number of Driving Instructors / Schools has gradually increased over the last few years, so too has the demand for Driving Lessons, particularly for those wanting lessons in the later afternoon or weekends.

If you wish to cancel or rearrange a driving lesson, you (the pupil) must give your instructor a minimum of 48 hours notice. In the instance that the driving instructors needs to cancel your lesson, s/he provide you with a new date & time.

Terms & Conditions
The Vehicle – Your Driving Instructor has the right to not authorise the use of his / her vehicle for your Driving Test should they feel you are not yet ready to take & pass your test. If we cannot agree, your Driving instructor will arrange a Mock Test to be carried out by an independent driving instructor who will then feedback to you and your instructor. If that instructor feels the same, then
you will not be given approval to use our vehicle for the test.

Unforeseen Circumstances – we often face unforeseen circumstances over which we have no control and are forced to make changes to our plans. Driving lessons and postponement of driving tests is no exception, with the Covid-19 lockdown being a strong example of how our service area was brought to a complete strand still.

We wish to make it clear that in such situations, the decisions are taken out of our hands and it is
the DVSA who will enforce when lessons, theory tests, practical tests must seize and when they can

Other examples include situations in which the learner vehicle has broken down or where it has been involved in an accident. After liaising with the office to arrange the pupil’s safe journey home, the instructor will notify you later that day to inform you of when and at what time your lesson has been scheduled in for. We wish to assure you that any time lost in your lesson will be fully made up in your next lesson.

Respecting Driving Instructors – J10 is committed to providing a professional, detailed, transparent driver training service aimed at giving new drivers the skills, knowledge and tools to be responsible & safe on the road, making decisions that not only keep them safe, but also other road users – drivers & pedestrians. The instructors will ensure that as much time as is needed will be spent on any topic that you may struggle with and will ensure you fully understand that module before moving on to the next training requirement.

At the same time, we expect all students to show respect to driving instructors, allowing them to perform their roles without students showing verbal and / or physical aggression. Such matters will be dealt with seriously, beginning with that lesson and any future lessons being terminated and the relevant organisation handling the matter there on.

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